The Vix still has not yet decided what to put here in this “About” Section. She is still totally open to suggestions, if anybody who is around has any. It seems her Uncle has decided it should be the place to discuss those hard to discuss topics that she has not yet blogged about. This is a fair enough idea, so if you want to know “About”, read the comments below.

As always, Cheers! And God Bless!



  1. Myles MacLean said,

    To my poor,befuddeled,young niece,
    Religion is theory!Evolution is fact!
    Your Uncle Myles.

    • Vix Ellen said,

      Believe as you desire dear Uncle. I’m not one to try to change the mind of another person on this topic. But while I can bring myself to admit that creation is theory, I cannot bring myself to admit that evolution is fact. It is still theory, as we have no way to go back to the beginning and verify what truly happened.

      And the first person to invent a fabled time machine will be instantly murdered upon their return to the present, as neither the Evolutionists nor Creationists wish to have their theory debunked.

      The only reason that Evolution is currently considered “fact” is because there has not yet been a new, more interesting and potentially more valid theory come out. When there is, the two current factions will band together at the new “heresy”.

      There are “Facts” that both sides claim to prove their theory. And more and more scientists today are admitting that Creation is just as possible as Evolution. Or, perhaps, that there was a mixture of the two. For one reason, there really is no way to accurately tell. For another, this Universe is far to complex to have been created by two particles that just happened to collide together.

      If the Big Bang THEORY is accurate, it raises a question that not one Evolutionist has ever been able to satisfactorily answer for me. Where did the two particles come from in the first place, before they collided together?

      • Myles MacLean said,

        Who created your god?Name your new scientists.Let them be exposed for the frauds they are.The bible is nothing more than a popular book of fairy tales that appropiates every legend and saga that advances christian foolishness and then distorts their origins to solidify their claims.

  2. Vix Ellen said,

    Again, dear Uncle, I will not try to change your mind on this topic. Which means, I am unlikely to discuss it much further with you. I know from experience that this is not a topic which can be reasonably discussed between people who have differing views on the matter. It must, for whatever reason, always spark arguments, even between the best of friends. I do not understand it, but that is the way I have found it to be.

    Believe as you want to, that’s your choice and that is why you have free will. It’s not my place to choose for you, or judge/condemn you for what you have chosen. On that note, I also have free will, and it is also my own choice to believe what I want, without fear of judgment/condemnation. I choose Jesus, because it was He who picked me up, dusted me off and made life worth living when I hit rock bottom. If you do not, that’s all your choice, none of mine.

    None the less, I still wonder where those two particles came from. This prompts me to note that you are yet another who has not so much as managed to even give me a semblance of a response to the question. I wonder if this might be because there is no answer to the question, because there were not two particles that collided together to make everything?

    Cheers Uncle. God Bless.

  3. Myles MacLean said,

    I,too,am waiting your response on who created your god.

  4. Vix Ellen said,

    Fair enough point. I, however, asked my question first. 🙂

    God always was, always is and ever more shall be. Does science not teach us that “…energy (like mass), cannot be created or destroyed…”? Refer to this link for where I am quoting from. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy

    I do not claim to understand God, nor how He operates. But that statement on energy, which is based in your science, indicates that there has always been energy, because if it cannot be created or destroyed, it must have always been there. Maybe God is simply energy in its purest form; who on this earth can ever truly know?

    Being that this world started at one point or another, it seems only logical to conclude that whatever this energy is that has always been, because it can neither be created or destroyed, must have made it somehow.

    • Myles MacLean said,

      Did your mother try out the channels I gave to your aunt Helen?Tell her to inform me if she has any problems with them.Read the instructions carefully,please.

  5. Vix Ellen said,

    I have no idea.

  6. Myles MacLean said,

    Are you going to Moncton to help defend women’s rights around the last week of September?
    That’s when the bigots from the 40days campaign arrive to try to close all the women’s health clinics in the Moncton area.If you believe human rights trump religious foolishness you will be there.
    Be careful these bigots are very dangerous.They are proud of the number of doctors who perform abortions that have been murdered for their cause.Sick,foolish,religious bigots.

  7. Vix Ellen said,

    I doubt I’ll be there, mainly because I am broke and am unlikely to have cash that will be able to translate into gas. Also, I have heard nothing of it until this comment. Do you have news links or anything I can look at? But being that I’ve never gone out to anything like that before, no matter the worthiness of the cause, I cannot see that changing in the near future. I HATE crowds. With a passion. I cannot deal with large numbers of people all at once. At least, I cannot deal with large numbers of people all at once very well.

    Either way, I don’t care much for bigots, or hypocrites. It is everybody’s choice to believe what they want, I cannot make that choice for them. But nobody, I repeat, NOBODY has the right to take the life of another human being. Every rule has its exceptions, in this case an example could be self defence. Or during war, because some wars are necessary.

    But murdering unborn children is wrong, and I am opposed to abortion. Still, it is a personal decision, made by the mother, and nobody else. Nobody has the right to make that decision for her. Thus, murdering the doctors that perform the operations is also wrong. After all, those doctors are just doing their jobs. They have as much right to do what they are being paid to do as any other person alive does.

  8. Watchthe_Worldburn said,

    Not meaning to start anything here, but I had to leave a comment. It is in regard to evidence.

    Forgive me, but there is more evidence that exists to disprove Darwin’s theory of evolution than there is to support it. Also, the evidence to support Darwin’s theory is made up primarily of the great ape family, still a few chromosomes away from human, with absolutely no evidence of transitional fossils. The good news is we still have monkeys that walk upright today, as found on youtube.

    What evidence there IS that EXISTS that blows Darwin’s theory, and most of the gathered evidence the Smithsonian most evolutionists kiss up to, completely out of the water….

    Citing the recent yet sensationalized documentation from such names as Cremo and Jonathan Grey, there have been things discovered that are quite fascinating.

    One of which, why was there a fossil found of a trilobite which had been crushed by someone wearing a sandal? The sole of the sandal is unmistakable right down to the stitching around the perimeter. Trilobites have been extinct for 250 million years. Who was walking around these Devonian-age shores back then?

    I doubt monkeys made sandals.

    Monkeys do not appear on the fossil record at that time either.

    They still do not use a needle and thread very well.

    Ok, here is another, how about the human skeleton that was found encased in marble? Think about that one. Marble takes hundreds of thousands of years to form. So how is it a complete skeleton of a modern human (not a monkey) ended up buried in that strata? I can visualize some of the Smithsonian’s experts starting to feel the chest pains coming on.

    Ok, more recent, lets talk dinosaurs. There have been several of these found. Dried ancient riverbeds = petrified dinosaur footprints. Any archaeologist knows this. What would footprints of humans be doing petrified in the same rock as the dinosaur footprints? One such report was investigated by a second year archaeology student, who, in her report, cites, and i quote. “These tracks are crossing the dinosaur footprints in the same layer, and not only appear human as reported. I took off my boot and sock and placed my foot in the track and it was an almost perfect match. There is no doubt in my mind these were made by humans during the same period”.

    I could go on, but that might take days. There is a lot more less extreme evidence also disproving the theory. I just wanted to point out the stuff that makes evolutionists stick their fingers in their ears and go ‘lalalalala’.


    Now that we have established the painful fact Darwin/Evolution theory/Smithsonian gets so completely pwned on an almost daily basis so often it hurts.

    Whats left?

    Explain to me the reason that of the ‘great ape’ family that the Darwinists classify us with, all has the same number of chromosomes each—- except for humans?

    Why is there a massive lack of transitional fossils?

    Why have we not found bigfoot?

    Wait — what?

    Forgive me, I digress. I do that time to time.

    Back to the matter at hand. The myth of the bible. Amazing. Watch television recently? There have been sites escavated and identified as these places mentioned in the bible. There has also been evidence of other things. Its out there, I use google, but i dont always type in monkey.

    Belief. Lets see. Who would I believe. Bible, which is also backed up by a large and increasing number of ancient texts ——- or a past-century scientist telling me about a theory. Hey, Sigmund Freud was a ground-breaking past century man of science too! We never did thank him for popularizing cocain.

    In short. The abortion issue – if your niece takes a stand on it its her belief. Emphasis on ‘her’. If she believes the bible it is her belief.

    It was still better than what Darwin had going, even before escavations brought up so much evidence.

    But if you believe the Darwin drivel, I do not have the right to shove my views down your throat. Please make note of this part of the comment even if you are doing the ear-finger-lalala thing to the rest of it.

    My personal belief is actually much more complicated than either religion/the Bible/Darwin/Monkeys, and I tend not to get into discussion with people who are unreasonably closed minded, (to the point of closing their eyes when evidence is passed under their noses). I am not really here for that.

    Notice at no time did I quote scripture? I am, after all, only pointing out evidence.

    Yet I am also making a statement.

    If your niece has beliefs that you do not agree with, wether Biblical or modern day issues, discuss, don’t ridicule… someone could just as easily do it to you.

    Try to be nice.

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